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Marlet House Productions is a creative producer and literary entertainment company featuring children's and young adult action adventure literature, concept art and animations. Come in and grab some coffee and enjoy our titles.


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Marlet House Productions has crafted new and original titles dedicated to pre-school children and young adult action-adventure readers utilizing today's technology.



Cardinal Mike and the Quest for the Perfect Tree

Take a journey with a lovable and enduring character named, Cardinal Mike. He's on a quest to find the perfect tree and he needs your help! C'mon and join his friends, the Robin, Squirrel, Sammy Sparrow, and the Wise Old Owl. See you inside our adventure! 

The Aleutian Voyage...Hang On!

In 1866, America began to recover from a bloody Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. As a campaign policy to increase his popularity, President Andrew Johnson attempts to purchase the vast territory of Alaska from the Russian Emperor, despite his troubles with Congress.

The events that follow become a life and death struggle to complete his seemingly doomed mission, if he can...

The Nautilus Journal

An extraordinary sojourn across the globe ends off the coast of the Lofoten Isles. For French Naturalist, Professor Pierre Aronnax and two companions, the journey was too incredible to be true. Only his packet of notes told of their adventure aboard a highly advanced submarine boat called, Nautilus.

The famed marine author from the Paris museum whose mortality was in questions for months, had survived an ordeal which took him 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Upon his return to France, his scientific zeal prompts him to recount and chronicle the secrets of his ordeal and secure it for safekeeping.

Pierre’s return to the world scene creates a mixed reaction by the discerning public. Hailed as a hero by colleagues and a lost love interest but he is dismissed as a traitor and suspected accomplice against a U.S. mission. He retreats from Paris to his coastal home to avoid any U.S. entanglements and an international incident.

The secrets of Pierre Aronnax awaken in the twentieth century along with the interests of his heirs, and a corporate villain vying for the ultimate prize.

Mystery of the Poe Toaster

The legend of the mysterious Edgar Allan Poe annual gravesite visitor lives on in this video tale.

Screenplay under development

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