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Marlet House Productions is a creative producer and literary entertainment company featuring children's and young adult action adventure literature, concept art and animations. Come in and grab some coffee and enjoy our titles.

Links & Friends


Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites and friends around the web that we recommend

Adobe Corporation

The industry standard for creative professionals and all that is good on the web.

Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.

Academy Award Winning Special Effects Artists producing fantastic work. You have seen their work on the Silver Screen in dozens of films

Apple Corporation

Industry standard for creative, mobile and web applications

Art of Aaron Blaise

Drawing and Animation Lessons and Tutorials from a former Disney master

Bristol Arts

User Interface Design and cool web stuff

Organization to promote and advance media and film production in Northeast Ohio


Ctrl+Paint is a free learning resource, dedicated to the basics of concept art and digital painting.

Industrial Light & Magic

Academy Award Winning Special Effects Artists providing post-production visual effects services to the entertainment

Kevin Conran Illustration

Illustration and Animation Art

Mark Slater

Professional Film and Television Composer

Music for Video

Volumes of Music for Cinema, Film and projects

Scott Buckley

Musician and Composer for film, video and the Web

Toon Boom Studio

Awesome animation software and resources.

Vancouver Animation School

Education for employment, in teaching innovative skills focused on artists strengths that lead to creative careers resulting in personal and professional fulfillment

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